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Why a tour?

There's a difference between travelling and vacationing. Vacationing is sitting under the sun on the beach forgetting about your worries for a week. Travelling is when you meet locals, eat their food, walk their streets and see their country. A tour helps you get closer to experiencing a new culture like you never have. Small groups offer security, access, camaraderie, and a stronger affinity with your destination than you’ll get by travelling any other way. This is your planet. Explore it!

Why a cruise?

Broadway caliber nightly entertainment, extraordinary dining , comfortable accommodations, onboard activities, and fun and adventurous programs at each individual port of call. And the best part is that a cruise experience is virtually all-inclusive! Cruise the oceans while making small visits on land along the way. Try cruising the ocean or try cruising the rivers. They each have their own unique offering.

Why Advanced Travel?

We are your travel specialists. We have been there. We know people who have been there. Or we really want to go there. We've helped create travel memories since 2005 and we continue to enjoy doing it. From our friendly staff to our information packed website we're glad to help you on your way to a new experience.


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